Clippy is the perfect companion for your smartphone. It’s a personal camera, with a cool squared design: in its 5x5x1cm design you can find a lot of technology and fun. - Aluminum body - 20px frontal camera - DuoTone Led flash - 50° flip Touchscreen - USB-C - Bluetooth and NFC - Audio and Mic Clippy can be your fashion gadget and you will be happy to wear it and show it. Improve its coolness with a wide range of accessory Clippy Field Clips on steroids: aluminum body that hosts an optical zoom to catch amazing pictures, also with the Clippy Stage accessory. Clippy Printer A portable NFC and Bluetooth dye-sublimation printer to make your memories real. Add text and icons on your picture and print and stick them whenever you want and wherever you want . Use the QR code to track their movements in the real life.

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